I wasko_e_k_oek surprised to find out that most people I know are not familiar with the ‘cuckoo’ – bird. While everybody is aware of the word itself (and its negative meaning), it’s the bird’s behaviour that’s of interest: female cuckoos generally lay their egg (or eggs) in other birds’ nests. When the cuckoo youngling hatches, it kicks out the other eggs (or younglings), to make more room for itself. This can lead to weird situations, like shown in the picture above, where the ‘adopted’ parents cluelessly keep feeding the cuckoo youngling until it flies out the nest. Birds need DNA testing tools. Hey, you don’t even look like me!

Nature can be so cruel: I bet that this situation wasn’t designed to be like this.

Tomorrow, it’s Veteran’s Day, which means it’s generally a day off for the immortals among us. If you don’t have a day off, you’ll probably find out that the road is all yours. (I’m not worthy either)

Over at Mernit’s, I read that women are more likely to hide candy than men1. This had me confused for a second, until I figured out that that is exactly why English is so often misunderstood.


1 Explanation. This sentence can be literally read as:

  • Women hide candy because they feel embarrassed.
  • Women hide candy because you can’t hide men. And if you could, they wouldn’t fit in pockets anyway…

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