Old Tech in Science Fiction

It’sbatl_star_gal hard to make science fiction. Picture this: it’s 1980. You’re directing an episode of the Original Battlestar Galactica (which was then known as ‘Battlestar Galactica’ without the ‘Original’). Your main star is about to destroy a Cylon base. He has only 5 minutes left. Naturally, your character has to check his watch. Let that be a really advanced watch. It’s 1980: The only advanced watch is a super-cool-duper calculator watch with red leds. Well, what was cool and advanced then, looks a kind of silly in the early 21st century. Not to mention, it’s not really what one would consider a piece of high-tech.

Arthur’s Theorem: Science Fiction starts to suck when current known and existing technologies are presented as technologies that dominate the future.

Fast forward to the now-time: The current Battlestar Galactica is pretty good. I saw episode 10 and I will reveal the main story line below: (use your cursor to highlight the paragraph right below)


Yeah. Really. That’s what I thought too. Luckily the show will continue January 2006. Without red-LEDded calculator watches, I presume.

Update: Just a moment, I was thinking of this scene I describe on my own blog. Not at all related, but another famous item of the 80s.

Update (12/03/05): Hughes calculater watch, that watch is apparently.

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2 Responses to Old Tech in Science Fiction

  1. Alan says:

    I remember that BG was one of the only english language shows on Dutch TV in 1986 when I lived in Aalsmeer. That and the really crappy Canadian cop show “In the Heat of the Night”.

  2. Arthur says:

    That and the really crappy Canadian cop show “In the Heat of the Night”.

    That must have been at the public broadcaster ‘TROS’. I always thought ‘The Heat of the Night’ was American…

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