Voyager missions shutdown

Via ReedManiac, I found out that the NASA is planning to put an end to the Voyager missions because of shifting priorities. You know, because of Bush’s plan to put a moon on the Mars, I mean, to go to Mars via the Moon project.

As you probably know, both Voyager I and II are currently speeding away from the Solar system, drifting in the sun’s heliosphere. Their scientific achievements are well known, however, their current mission status is not: They’re both still working and they still send (valuable) data back to mission control at JPL. Says a lead investigator for the project:

“There are no other plans to reach the edge of the solar system. Now we’re getting all this new information, and here comes NASA saying, `We want to pull the plug’.”

Earlier, the Hubble Telescope was axed for budgetary reasons too.

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