And then there was Debian!

Took all night: We were watching Master and Commander first, then The Others. However, the last DVD was apparently b0rken so I ended up installing Debian from, what was it, 11 to 2:30 AM.

The good thing is that there were no problems installing it, except for X11, which doesn’t want to start, nor ‘autodetect’ anything. I remember us having problems before too with Fedora, but for now I can’t be bothered looking into it. After all, I wanted Elsie to be ‘console’ only, that is, plain server-only. No need for bulky Gnome or bumpy KDE. No offense meant.

Postgres-based, naturally. So I ended up manually installing PHP4 (I noticed that the current Debian always installs Perl and Python, but PHP is left out), compile the right apache mods plus the specific Postgres mod for PHP.

I have the feeling Debian is a bit faster, more ‘aligned’ so to say. And sure it was when I was looking for the tools I could easily find on the RH Fedora distro. First of all, Postgres comes in version 7.2. The same for other utilities. I guess I have to play the waiting game and see when (or at which stage) the Debian folks include a 7.4 Postgres version.

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