Alfons sm_wal-kade.jpgsent in some pictures from around the Deventer quays. They have been rebuilt in the Eighties, but the city’s Public Works department was smart enough to keep the old stones and bricks.

There’s something funny about that picture. Normally during the early Spring when the melting water of the Swiss Alps races down the Rhine (and then the IJsel), the section of the quay as pictured here, is generally flooded. Imagine how much water that is, knowing that the width of the river the IJsel (on the right) is probably around the 100 meters. Note the bridge. That’s that bridge, yes. But then I’ve probably mentioned that a hundred of times too.

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  1. alfons says:

    Well, it was flooded about a month ago, but for a very short time. I believe we’ll get some flooding the next weeks, because it seems that the weather is relatively mild in the Alps.

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