More of this, please

Recapping the news, the following tidbits were interesting (and apparently) less highlighted:

In the Schiavo case: Agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told the police in Pinellas Park that they were on their way to get Terri to a different hospital where they could resume her feeding:

“Participants in the high-stakes test of wills, who spoke with The Miami Herald on the condition of anonymity, said they believed the standoff could ultimately have led to a constitutional crisis – and a confrontation between dueling lawmen.”

Seen the PSP? It’s Sony’s answer to get a grip on the handheld portable games market, a market that’s now in the hands (literally) of Nintendo. A couple of nights ago, the Canadian television was spending some broadcasting time on this PSP device: the hype and the enthusiasm among Canadian consumers. According to IGN however, sales of the PSP are lukewarm. Personally: I don’t see the point of having another media format (UMD) vying for your monies.

OK. What happened to the McCartney sisters, after their visit to the White House on St. Patrick’s Day?

Note to Nova Scotians and Dutch citizens: Starting today there’s a 4 hour difference between the Netherlands and our precious province. In the Netherlands, Daylight Savings Time will start as of today. Who says time travel isn’t possible, please cast the first stone.

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