Voyager, Adieu.

Alfons notices that Voyager I and II are about to leave our solar system. He also recalls our fascination for both spacecraft, which we indeed had.

I think it was the magic of the Grand Tour that attracted us to find out everything about these Earthly things. In the early Seventies, scientists and mathemagicians discovered that when spacecraft made use of a planet’s gravity, space travel time would be reduced dramatically. As an extra surprise calculations showed that in the late Seventies and Eighties, the outer planets of the solar system were going to be in a rare alignment, making it easier (and cheaper) to send in spacecraft to all those planets in one big tour with the help of gravity.

But anyways, both Voyagers are enroute to the outer limits of our system. Big Bubble, Bye Bye!

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2 Responses to Voyager, Adieu.

  1. Alfons says:

    well, i think there’s something wrong with your time /clock settings. This one was also posted at AM, right? :-)

  2. Arthur says:

    Nope. That was posted that night. I can only post at night :-)

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