Horrors and other news stories

Back when I was a youngling studying civil engineering in the Netherlands, the question of a direct railway connection between the cities Zwolle and Lelystad (“Hanzelijn”) was a popular discussion subject. If you’re not familiar with the topography of the Netherlands: for years, to get to the ‘Flevopolder’ by train, one needed to travel to Amsterdam first. Just recently, I noticed that the queen had finally (officially) opened the long needed shortcut to the ‘Flevopolder’.

Just yesterday, a lone gunman killed 20 or so kids in Newtown, Connecticut, which led to a many emotional scenes of parents, relatives, authorities and the US president: During the official White House statement/briefing, Obama had a hard time holding back tears. CBC had a long discussion with their reporters if this would finally break open the US gun registry laws: alas, most of the reporters were pessimistic about future US gun laws and restrictions. However, I’m not sure how the NRA is going to defend this gun massacre: what’s next? Have kids carry guns?

You are Kim Wilde, a legendary 80s popstar. You’re slightly drunk and joined by your brother on the train back to, well, wherever you headed to. How not to make an embarrassment out of yourself? Do not sing and serenade your fellow passengers. Wilde herself about her one-time performance:

Truly, I am overwhelmed and confused at such a huge reaction to my night out on the tiles. Making me giggle a LOT

Now we only need quotes from people who were actually on the train during this ordeal.

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