In Vitro Music

Hey, it’s the new year and at xsamplex, we wish you a happy easter and a merry christmas. For 2011, that is. I only have a bunch of left-over links and for no reason, this posting’s title may have nothing to do with the contents:

Everybody and the world knows how much I heart the music of Kristin Hersh and the Throwing Muses: A long while ago I was going to mention her Cash Music initiative (which is an open model of media distribution, bypassing the large publishers and record companies), where fans can donate money to support her efforts. To be overly honest, I find her Throwing Muses ‘Season sessions’ lackluster. However, her solo-efforts are flawless: particularly her acoustic sessions in support of her book (‘Rat girl’) at the PBS (which you can find here and it includes all songs in downloadable format). ‘Gazebo Tree’ (listen) is the one that stands out.

Back in 2007, I reported about ‘how the sources to Buzz got lost’: yesterday I found out that Buzz is back in development (and has been now for a year or so). The main GUI is written in .Net/C# (Framework 4 required). If you’re not sure what Buzz is: it’s a (quite enhanced) midi tracker/wave mixer. At one time when I was using the old Buzz, it had excellent plugins that could convert single tracks to playable guitar chords. Or something like that.

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