I woke up early with the thought of cleaning up and organizing this bunch of backup-CDs I’ve never touched since years. While I was tagging them one by one, I remembered this tool someone wrote for the MSX computer to archive and inventorize (that’s not a legitimate word) 3.5 inch disks (or ‘diskettes’ as we called them then). That would be a fun hobby project, if it wasn’t for time.

The net-result was that I didn’t find the data I was looking for: a huge archive of all my mails pre-2004, which I’m 100% certain were in some kind of Eudora archive. So, funny enough, I’ve got all my pre- and post 2003 sources (well, not all of them) but e-mails? Nope: it’s like that all my mail of the period between 2000 to 2003 disappeared in a black hole.

What I did find was interesting no-less: copies of Debian Sid, Woody and Sarge (god, I loved Sarge), old family photos from the time my mother-in-law was still alive, dad’s photos when he was over here, photos of a bunch of KDE hackers (apparently not mine), sources to a Delphi library to write and read BIFF files and recipes. Oh, and that copy of Wing Commander (the movie) that somehow made it onto one of my harddrives.

Mission not so accomplished. I think.

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