Fall. This.

We’ve finally had a 2 day nice weather stretch: Last week, we had so much rain (and for 5 days straight) that it didn’t surprise me that roads downtown flooded. I have no idea if this was a tropical storm or a combination of depressions swinging by the Maritimes. Not fun, particularly if you have to walk through it.

Three or four years ago, I bought the game Stalker (briefly mentioned here when I reviewed FarCry2): For some reason, I stopped playing the game. I recently re-acquired it and started it just a couple of days ago. I still stand by the opinion about the game (review coming up, some day, I think), however, I’m surprised how everything in the game looked so familiar. I got fairly far, so to say. This time, I’ll be taking my time.

I hate to bring TV commercials up on this blog, but SportChek’s latest commercials are hilarious, particularly the one with the lady, the son and the Chinese guy with the grease barrel can: a variant of that commercial can be found here. This is not the ‘crazy awesome’ version but it’s still absurd and funny.

Dec 4th, 2010: The “Crazy Awesome” commercial that I mentioned above is right on YouTube. Thanks SportChek.

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