Which twins?

If you look for twins on Google Images, the majority of the results show the oh-so-famous Olson twins. I only mentions twins here, because earlier, Gizmodo featured a story about a conjoined twin (the original story at Macleans): it’s a both fascinating and, in my opinion, a slightly sad story. The following bit made me laugh though:

They share thoughts, too. Nobody will be saying anything, and Tati will just pipe up and say, ‘Stop that!’ And she’ll smack her sister.

Since the brains of the twins are literally shared, BC doctors doubt that the twins can be separated particularly after discovering the ‘brain bridge. From the Globe and Mail’s article (written in 2006, mind you):

“It [the connecting tissue] is sort of the No. 1 highway that brings information to the surface of the brain, then delivers it down through the more basic functions and through the spinal cord. So it’s likely that there’s important wiring, so to speak, in that bridge.”

Obviously, the two (and family) seem to get the scientific (medical, rather) and moral support of the local community, which is something they’ll be needing. However, as hard as this is to say as a twin product myself, I’m mixed about conjoined twins. Fighting for their lives because of complex medical reasons is one thing: social acceptance in this society is the other.

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