A can

If you look close to the right, you’ll see a can. An ordinary aluminium can. It could have been a photo of a Coca-Cola can. A photo of a recycled Coca-Cola can. Or a regular steel/metal food can for that matter. You’ve probably seen hundreds types of cans in your whole life. Some cans are used to store vegetables. Some cans are stored to use precious liquids, scented oils, Plumtree’s and cat food. Some cans flew off the production line in a metal packaging plant. Some of them never did.

Some of the cans did not meet the stringent quality specifications and in turn were stored elsewhere for recycling purposes. They would have been stored in large carts, hauled or carted away by machinists/operators who incidentally may have worn dark blue overalls.

Most likely these operators would have been wearing earplugs, as to protect their ears from the noise of cans being pulled, pushed and belted through presses, sorters and painting machines. And it’s particularly that clicking high pitched metallic noise that these people would remember if they’re presented with a can like that can shown above.

It’s a fairly noisy can, so to say.

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