Local observations

Yesterday, we drove into town. The night before it had snowed and the roads were somewhat cleared, that is, depending where you were. Unsurprisingly, the closer we came to SJ, the better the roads. If only NB’s Department of Transportation used better paint for their road markings.

The main political topic in this province is the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec, which has been met with protests. At one time I was asked my (foreign) opinion about the sale: There are people who say a privatized net would spur lower prices or more competition. This is probably true for physical products, but for services, I highly doubt it.

I’m extremely fortunate for not having been seriously ill for ages or been prescribed medication for years. That said: My wife finally found a good family doctor apparently: that is, almost 2 years after moving to NB. I find the quality of health-care reasonably good over here: however, during our visits to walk-in clinics, I’ve not seen so many doctors with so many different opinions about my wife’s medication. If you can’t bring up a slight of compassion (for your patients), maybe you have picked the wrong profession.

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