Oh. So. Quiet

The Dandelionslast couple of days (or weeks, so you will), I have seen the weather go from cold, to mildly-cold, rainy to overly sunny and warm. This weekend we’re supposed to hit the 20 degrees, which is quite a difference from the 4 or 5 degrees it was a couple of days ago. Obviously, it does miracles to the grass on the lawn and the trees, all of them now rushing to compete for as much sun as they can get.

Before the snow started to disappear, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a bunch of dandelions (or rather, some first generation off-spring of that stuff) had apparently been growing underneath the snow, and the warmer temperatures, of course, have also spurred their growth. This is generally signal to start the ‘dandelion’ onslaught. I mean, before you know, these things transform into triffids (The Movie!).

The return of warmer temperatures also hailed the return of the ‘morning bird noises’ outside: I never really paid attention to this, but it just struck me the other day: Spring indeed returns if the birds start to make their noises (or songs as some people call them). Particularly, the cardinals.