The faucet, the cat and the universe

Earlier this week, The famous catI had the honour to replace the kitchen faucet: the original one was rusty and apparently, leaking water down under the sink. Finding a replacement is not too hard as long as you remember three things: 8 inch, three holes and teflon tape. Replacing the old faucet isn’t too hard either, that is, if you can monkey your way around underneath the sink: Plumbers have either teeny hands or mini wrenches. Maybe neither.

It has been raining all night and everywhere else the snow seems to have gone, except for around this region. The patches of yellow and green grass look promising though. The ground is still hard, so here’s hoping that the excess of melt water is flowing down hill.

Our youngest cat (previously), who panned out to be the most destructive cat I’ve seen, has one good side: she’s extremely good at finding and returning toys. I foresee a bright future for her out in the wild and I can’t wait for her to return with a deer. Or a bear for that matter.

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