I can’tSomething red recall the link to this specific page where I took that screenshot, but yeah, it’s about the colour red and the emotions it invokes in men. I think the link was originally coming from Reddit (or Digg), but I’m pretty sure it’s old news because I read about this a year ago. That said, red is for “Scarlett Johansen” and “meet local snowboarders”. Really.

There are rumours that Oracle might be willing to acquire Red Hat and this probably makes sense, because installing Oracle (XE) on Debian isn’t the administrative task you’d be wanting on your plate.

Alaskan volcano ‘Redoubt’ finally erupted, exactly a month after Republican maverick Bobby Jindal’s sneering remarks about Democrats’ spending on ‘volcano monitoring’. Also, the name Redoubt reminds me of other stuff than forts and volcanoes.

Update 1: Pretty pictures at National Geographic.

Update 2: Not related, WHO issues pessimistic TB report.

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