The 100 Lunar Pound Question

To my surprise, Some Coins in the Shape of a NineI found out that New Years Day started with a (white) bang in Nova Scotia: In New Brunswick we got away with a couple centimeters and mainly the cold wind. Justice was served, I believe and I’m looking forward to a snow-free Winter. Uh. Yes.

Talking about Winter: I hear that there is a shortage of ice skates (nee, speed skates or ‘Vikings’) in The Netherlands. At Christmas. Where are Bob Geldoff and his gang of crack-musicians and crack-singers to help these poor people out? On the other hand, there is something about skating (nee speedskating) on natural ice that is, as long as you watch out for ‘wakken’ (spots of thin ice).

So it’s 2009, it’s a new year and there goes nothing above ditching those new year’s resolution and gain another 10 metric milligrams (for people used to the Imperial system, that is 100 Lunar Pounds). Change your science teacher can believe in! This year’s The Edge question is all about change too: “What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?” (Earlier on xsamplex). If you’re bored for the next couple of days: there’s plenty of reading to do there.

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