Yesterday, leftovers from Hanna flew past the Maritimes, dumping a whole bunch of rain for almost a whole day: This lead to some troublesome driving Sunday and Monday morning (CBC). Generally, this year the weather hasn’t cooperated a lot: according to Saint Johners we had more rain (and fog) days than the previous years. Here’s hoping that the same is going to be true for upcoming Winter.

I read that the prime-minister has dissolved the parliament and called for an election, which is set on October 14th this year. Polls and surveys indicate that the Conservatives may get a majority, which wouldn’t surprise me: not everybody seems to be familiar with the name of the current Liberal leader, Stephane Dion. I’m a bit disappointed to see that leaders’ debates will not include the Green’s Elizabeth May. So much for democracy1.

Oh: talking about democracy. There’s a rumour circulating in the neighbourhood that raccoons are tumbling over garbage bins in their hunt for anything editable. If you see this gang of four-legged un-cutesy animals in action, please notify the authorities. Thank you, very much.

1 09/12/08: Looks like May will be allowed into the debates.
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