Earlier, we were out in Saint John to check out a couple things for things that needed to be done for things in the house-thing. You know, things. So while we were trotting through town, we were surprised how thick the fog-thing was in Saint John. We ended up at Montana’s were I (duly) noted that they had crayons on their tables, so that customers can doodle things on their things while they wait for their food to be served up. How novel. Why not add paint, easel and brushes, so that you can finish up your Van Gogh while your waitress brings you the next coffee fill-up?

So, everybody and their cousins have reviewed Chrome (Google’s entry in the browser market) and you were eager to hear my opinion? I don’t have one: not today. However, while I read that Google used Webkit/KHTML as their renderer, I thought it more or less looked like Gecko. Windows-only. The pity (but then, I’m using both Firefox and Konqueror right now, so what’s the point anyway?)

From all the movies I saw this week, I thought the worst one was ‘The Happening’: currently it’s at a 5.4 rating at IMDB and this is deservedly so. This was Shyamalan’s ninth movie and I wonder if there’s some kind of correlation between the quality and quantity of his movies. I figured it out using simple math:

y = log0.5x

However, the bright side of the movie was Betty Buckley, who blew some ‘fresh air’ (irony strikes here) in the robotic acting of her fellow actors. She’s an award-winning Jazz singer, I hear.

There’s more good news here: I watched a couple of Hal Hartley movies and was surprised how much I liked ‘The Unbelievable Truth’. I’ve seen the movie before but the sharp (and absurd) dialogues keep making me laugh. Excellent use of repetition too.

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  1. alfons says:

    I liked Trust better.

  2. Arthur says:

    I couldn’t ‘hack’ Henry Fool (this is the one we saw at the Rotterdam Filmfestival, I believe). You’ve seen Fay Grim yet?

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