The last weeks were absurd so to say: first of all, my wife suffered from a (sort of) ear-infection which made her feel out of balance. This was also the week where we were exposed to the lows of the New Brunswick health care system. At one time, in Nova Scotia, I paid my dad’s medical bill with a debit card and I thought that was absurd.

Earlier this week was also the wedding anniversary and if I understand correctly, we passed the ‘seven year itch’, going for nine. I remember reading statistics from Stats Canada that said that marriages that lasted at least 7 years were marriages that least likely would end with break-up. I wonder if that statistic came with a bell-curve. Actually, everything is explained in bell-curves.

Today would have also been the birthday of my mom: I was thinking the other day how grief has slowly been replaced with cynicism. For some people this cynicism may unintentionally come over hard and hurtful. Cancer, in a way, is a cynical disease.

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  1. Marian says:

    It’s not for nothing that people call it loss. I feel somewhat bitter about my dad’s death, as well. Though I realize that my relationship with him has not ended. I will probably be doing things because of his influence for the rest of my life, for one thing.

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