Yo. Uh. No.

Earlier I mowed the front part of the lawn and by the time I was finished, I saw the fog roll in. By tonight, I won’t be able to see my lawn so, what was the point of mowing the lawn again?

We saw the movies ‘The Mist’ and ‘Invasion’ yesterday. ‘The Mist’ (a Stephen King adaption), was mediocre: the acting was bad but it actually got (visibly) better after the first half hour. Obviously, the main theme of the movie became more visible too, which is that the main threat against humans are humans themselves. So, generally, it was a mediocre movie with a not-happy-end. This is the funny thing: bad movies and not-happy-ends seem to balance each other out.

The Invasion stars Nicole Kidman and the movie is a remake of the original ‘Body Snatchers’ movie. I mean, how many Body Snatcher movies have been made by Hollywood now? Three, Five, Eight or None? The main theme in this movie was (you never guessed it): Nicole Kidman! Yes, this movie was all about Nicole Kidman! I saw Nicole in bed, in underwear (I didn’t look, but my wife did!), in the kitchen, on the cellphone, in the hallway, on the street, at the table, on the subway, in a car, at the door, in the passenger seat, behind a desk, on the floor, in the washroom, in the train and my favourite part: Nicole in the helicopter! Oh noes: I just spoiled the end for you! So, to summarize, she looks absolutely fantastic it makes you forget that this was all about body snatching people who are, well, how can I say this appropriately, body-snatching people!

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