From Thunder back to Sun

Today’s weather was as abnormal as it could be: Weather Canada had issued a weather warning for the region around Saint John, forecasting thunderstorms, heavy rain, windgusts and hailstones as big as 2 cms.

We didn’t get the stones, but rain was so heavy (at times) that one could have surfed down King street on the water that was pouring down the streets. Then, suddenly the sun broke through, heating up the pavement, making it feel dampy and hot outside.

While walking on King street on my way back home, I briefly looked over my shoulder and saw the fog roll in, hiding and covering the harbour side of town, making its way, slowly, up the hill. It was an amazing sight: It was like if the fog covered up for past unpleasantries that happened earlier that day, fixing up things that were undone by rain, thunder and sun. In Saint John, of course, everything returned to business as usual.

If life was like that.

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