Rice’s fxxx-xx boots

I was Ms. Rice and those bootsreading about the principals of the US torture memo. In one of the blogs I saw a reference to this meeting which included a quite less flattering description of ms Rice (the US Foreign Affairs secretary):

Think about it — a president who used to shove firecrackers up the asses of frogs and light them to watch the frogs explode. A vice-president who shot a friend in the face. A female Secretary of State in f**k-me boots who gets off on torture. An attorney general who’s afraid of calico cats, offended by a statue’s breasts, and anoints himself with vegetable oil. And he’s the SANE one, the one who was troubled by the whole proceeding. ed. apropriatinized

I guess, the boots thing, refers to that event in Germany, where Rice’s entrance and fashionable sight caused the press to focus on her instead of the Bush policies.

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  1. Marian says:

    Goose stepping her way to victory.

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