You asked: Windows+applications+laptop

Obviously, a lot of people prefer buying laptops nowadays and the question ‘Which+applications+install+laptop+windows’ pops up regularly in the Apache logs at this domain. I’m not providing links to the applications (or will use links sparingly, I guess). I assume you know how to use Google.


  • Email – Thunderbird (and RoundAbout): Thunderbird is the logical choice for your POP3 and IMAP addiction. RoundAbout I still use to read all my older archived mails and may (or may not) work for you. Disclaimer: I was a member of the RoundAbout developers team. (open-source)
  • Web – Firefox, Opera and Safari (in that order): Firefox 2 is currently my default browser. Opera and Safari I regularly use to check for errors in CSS.
  • SSH, SCP and FTP: There’s only one good SSH client and that is PuTTy. This is actually one of the first applications I install on new computers. And while you’re at it: you may just as well download WinSCP. I think Alfons introduced me to SCP, like in, a long time ago. Currently, I don’t use any FTP client except for the command-line ones that come with either your Windows (ftp) and Unix system. I’m quite comfortable with the command line, thank you very much.
  • Communciation: I’m not a big fan of messenging and online communication, but yes, I do install Skype on my computers.


  • ISO/CD/DVD: I use ImgBurn extensively. If I’m not wrong, the program uses some open/sourced/infamous/legendary applications underneath the screens.
  • Video: Because most AVIs I have are encoded in Div-X format, I install the DivX encoder/player, grudgingly. I have an aversion for Windows Media Player and I generally use Media Player Classic.
  • Audio: Audacity for editing and converting audiofiles to MP3 or OGG formats. As a reminder, if you download Audacity, don’t forget to download the LAME encoder.
  • Graphics: The GIMP (which is open-sourced, as you may have already found out). There are a lot of people who are impressed with Paint.Net. I haven’t tried it, really. For conversion to different (graphic) formats, you may consider Irfanview (freeware). I also use Picasa for (simple) management of my JPG photos.


  • Development: This ranges from the C# Express edition to SharpDevelop. Also, WinCVS comes to mind. Yes, I know a lot of people shudder at the thought of WinCVS. I use HelioSQL.Net for my SQL stuff. If you need to test and install test databases, you may consider installing SQLite and Postgres. Also, NSIS. TinyHexer (Hex-editor).
  • Office: OpenOffice, hands down.
  • Password management: I use KeePass, which is a great application with an unfortunate name.

I guess, that’s most of it.

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