Are you using?

It seems like ‘Are you using FF3?’ has become the most important Internet question today. The general response falls in between ‘IE7 rocks/FF SUXORS’ and ‘I’ve been using Firefox since beta’. If you know what I mean. Yes, I’m using one of the betas too, but now, lets return to the regular schedule for today.

I finally discovered what this programmer does nowadays, that is, after he left AOL. Why, he’s been working on REAPER, which is a DAW that literally kicks Sony’s Acid Pro out of the water. The evaluation version is fully working: a non-commercial license is 50 USD.

People who do photography know that the software that helps you develop those raw digital images into more pleasurable photos is quite expensive. On the Windows platform, I’ve resorted to UFRaw and The GIMP. UFRaw does an excellent job if you’re looking for an open-source photo development work-flow program: it comes with the usual glitches like options that are there but you can’t find at the first glance (like rotation and cropping). Obviously, since UFRaw is (both) a GIMP plugin and a stand-alone application, you can send images directly to GIMP.

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