I didn’t but then I did

I remember a time, a pre-internet time, when chain-letters were the rage: I’m not sure what attracted people to send these ones out to others, classmates and relatives. I always thought it was an innocent concept, that is until those letters came out that urged you to continue the chain because otherwise bad luck would become part of your life and afterlife. These ones, of course, ended up in the garbage bin, just like those Internet forwards-forwards in my e-mail box end up in the trash (or spam) folder.

This also reminds me of ‘poesie albums’, a popular Dutch thing where a girl invites other people (preferably from the other gender) to write something nice (a poem, lyric or whatever) in a fancy-looking notebook (a scrap book, so you will). I never understood the significance, but nowadays, with the popularity of E-Bay, maybe people might be able to make money of whatever you wrote when you were just a kid. Look Mom, I’m really famous now.

Alan tagged me for a meme and guess what, I’ll write my stuff but won’t pass the meme to others therefore, risking a total ban from the Internet, if not worse. The Meme? Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

  • In the final game of a chess competition, I gave up a winning game just so that I could get the train back home (I had a 5-game winning streak or something).
  • I can eat my sandwiches without margarine or butter.
  • I used to drink 5 to 6 cups of coffee a day.
  • Libraries have always fascinated me.
  • I cut my spaghetti.
  • I hardly watch TV and if I watch TV, the first channel that pops up is CNN.
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