There were some considerable announcements made this week and last week:

First of all, there was a buzz on the Postgres list that Sun was going to buy up MySQL. The official announcement at MySQL mentions that it went over the counter for the price of 1 billion US dollars. And then, at the same time, I was thinking of the US president’s last ditch effort to kickstart the troubling US economy.

Apple had some news too: they announced the newest MacBook Air, which they claim is the thinnest laptop ever made. Uh, notebook. Or whatever the current fashionable name is for ‘compact computer’. The announcement eventually had me end up at this comic, which explains how the MacBook Air can save the world.

Via Burningbird, I found out that the US’s Library of Congress has a blog, plus, that they are working together with Flickr to bring pictures and photos to the public domain (let me rephrase this cautiously: they’re going to publish pictures with no known copyrights restrictions). For now ‘only’ 3,000 pictures have been made available, more may come in the future. This is good news for hard-drive manufacturers!

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