Time is Tight

Earlier Booker T and the MGsthis weekend I was reminded of Booker T and the MGs: most people know their ‘Green Onions’ hit-song but aren’t aware of other instrumentals they produced and created, like the catchy ‘Time Is Tight’ (sample 30+ seconds). ‘Time is Tight’ is one of those typical ‘who did this song again?’ songs and that mainly because of the recognizable theme/riff (by lead guitarist Steve Cropper) and the typical (classic?) Hammond organ sound (from the hands of Booker T. Jones).

Initially, Booker T and the MGs started out as backing musicians on the (famous) Stax/Volt records, playing for and with artists like Otis Redding and Sam & Dave (Watch for the band in this Sam & Dave video1). Brilliant musicians, clearly underrated and under-appreciated.

When I was working as a programmer on the Old Continent, a fellow programmer once asked me what I was listening to. When I passed on my MD-player, he listened in to this song and quickly returned the thing with a disgusted face, saying that this was ‘old people music’ because his parents were still listening to this crap. I think that was the first time someone called me an ‘old fart’ at age 28. On the plus side, I wouldn’t doubt that this young programmer eventually became a Stax/Volt connoisseur.

Update: Right in time for this

1 I should probably save Sam&Dave for another ‘Past The Bridge’ posting.

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