A wreck

Yesterday, A P-38 wreckI was reading two articles about two wrecks: the first one was about that shipwreck found by a Swedish TV team somewhere in the Baltic sea. Early pictures suggest the ship resembled work of Dutch ship-builders (16 or 17th century). The ship is apparently in a pretty good shape, mainly because of the sea’s low oxygen content and temperatures. The BBC article links to ‘Deep Sea Productions’: I’m not sure why it’s linked there since the name does not even appear in the text. However, DSP’s site has pretty photos of other wrecks.

The Daily Mail (UK) reported that a US aircraft was discovered on the Wales coast after ‘freak weather conditions’ caused sands to shift and expose the frame. The article mentions that earlier this year, a beachgoing family spotted the remains too but thought it was an ‘aerial’ drone (apparently, regularly used for target practice in the early 50s). The location is (for now) kept secret: according to experts, the plan still has high octane fuel onboard.

And then way earlier (last week, already), at least 11 ships (including an oil tanker) sank in the Black Sea as they were pounded by waves in a heavy Fall storm. At least 23 sailors are reported missing: however there are no (thorough) reports about the ecological impact of the oil spill caused by that oil tanker (for some kind of reason, this just fell of the radar in our section of the world).

Update 1: TV/video report about the find in the Baltic Sea (English).
Update 2 (11/18/07): Excellent slideshow of Black Sea storm at NYT

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