I noticed that Google has released their Android SDK, which is an attempt to break open the cellphone market. There are a couple of exciting things to mention but the most important is that Google has adopted Webkit, you know the main engine used by Safari, which originally came from KDE’s KHTML. Additionally, there’s built-in support for OpenGL:ES (Embedded Systems).

It comes as no surprise that Google has opted for Java as the main language for Android development (application development video). There are mixed messages about which version of Java Google is using: it appears that their engineers came up with their own Java Pcode compiler. Most Android-specific Java libraries appear to be wrappers around the C libraries (see the software stack video).

It’s going to be interesting how this will playout against the other platforms of other software companies, most notably, Windows Mobile for Devices (.Net/CF) and Apple’s portable OS X. Since I’m familiar with writing Windows Mobile applications:if I have time later this week, I may be able to look into Android and see for myself what the buzz is about.

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