Weatherwise (and other news)

We’re going through some sort of ‘heatspell’ (if you can call it that way) with temperatures ‘clocking around’ the 20 degrees. Which is generally good, but then, the temperature has been going down fast at night: a couple of nights ago, the thermometer hit -1 degrees Celsius. Time for the trees to drop their leafs.

Last week, a couple of items got my attention: First there was the Carol Anne Gotbaum case (over at the Gothamist): a 45 year old woman died while in police custody. The only reason why I mention this is because it reads like something surreal. Apparently you can kill yourself when you’re handcuffed. Don’t try this at home.

You may have heard about the Blackwater incident but the real story seems to be in the details: employees who by accident kill Iraqi guards and then get flown out with the State Department’s consent. Or, what about that story on Blackwater employees linked to the Pentagon.

On a lighter note, RawStory also has an AFP story about this year’s hurricane season: Forecasters predict that two Atlantic hurricanes will form in the remainder of the hurrican season (which ends at and around November 30th). It has been a rough ride for Mexico this year, I hear.

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