A coincidence

Our Arung Samadera (Halifax Tall Ships 2000)brain’s ability to dish out memories whenever it thinks we need them is absolutely mind boggling. This morning I was reading that article about an Indonesian naval ship that ran aground in Australia: it was heading for a tall ships show in Sydney. The ‘Arung Samudera’ (a 35-metre schooner) however ran into trouble in heavy weather. No crew member got lost and since the ship wasn’t too much damaged, there’s a good change the ship may be sailing again.

After reading the article, somehow I thought the ship’s name rang a bell. So, I dug into the collection of older scanned-in photos and, voila. There’s no particular reason why I noticed this ship during my visit to Tall Ships 2000: the ship itself wasn’t as big as the other ones and I’m almost certain that that ship wasn’t open for visitors either. However, it was the only Indonesian ship in the harbour and my brain thought that was probably reason enough to store and retain the ship’s name.

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