The Soviets are here

I was Red Dawn promotional photogoing to write an anecdotal posting about that ‘Red Dawn’ movie (earlier) after I saw it mentioned (or referenced to) in a ‘Scrubs’ rerun (‘Wolverines!’). Yeah, uh, no, I don’t think I’d like to think of that movie.

The reason for my hesitation is that, since the movie is so anchored in the Cold War political climate, it feels out-of-time when watching it today. After all, we all know what happened to the former Soviet Union: they were not even this close to invading the US. So much for the ‘Red Threat’.

The other day, I was watching the ‘Sick Humour’ documentary (Google Video), which is about our gift to tell sick jokes about current tragedies. Yes, 9/11 comes up too and that specific section (jokes about 9/11) reminds me of a discussion that took place after I linked to an image of a guy on a tower and a plane (you know which photo that is). Our (human) ability to make fun of mishap and terrible tragedies is a way to get us past the incomprehensible.

That brings me back to that image of Russians posing in front of McDonalds: If the Russians had invaded the Western world, do you think there would have been a Russian obesity problem? For some kind of reason, that thought makes me laugh.

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