Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye

I keep Luscious Jacksonreminding myself to add a fragment of Luscious Jackson’s ‘Naked Eye’ to this category so, here it is (link goes to page with 30+ sec. something long something music file).

I’m not sure how Luscious Jackson’s CD ‘Fever In, Fever Out’ ended up in my CD rack. Maybe it was the slight combination of hiphop and popular music. Or (as always), maybe I was reading the liner notes before I decided to buy it: obviously there was a hand of the Beastie Boys in LJ’s music (and I even think there is at least one of them playing in the stylish ‘Naked Eye’ video clip). Or as BeastieMania says:

So from the very start, Luscious Jackson’s primary following were Beastie Boys fans looking for something else to get into.

Personally, the song reminds me of the day I dropped off the CD at a club whose DJ I knew: he actually liked it but mentioned (that after borrowing and playing it for a week in that club), the crowd (most of them goth/alternative music lovers) wasn’t ready for this mix of hip-hop and guitar music. Sabotage!

That said, at the height of Luscious Jackson’s popularity, the band was asked to make a commercial for Gap clothing (YouTube). Apparently, the band split up shortly after that, with all of the members continuing to release solowork. The good news is that the original band members decided to reunite and make a record together this year.

As a sidenote, the versions of ‘Naked Eye’ (videoclips and the several ‘single-edits’ you find on LJs MySpace page) are slightly different from the one that was originally released on the ‘Fever In Fever Out’ CD.

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