Last throes

So, it looks like the ‘yellow insurgency’ is in its last throes. By the time you read this, most likely, dandelions have gone from their ‘look, I’m really pretty’-stage to their ‘blow me in the wind’-phase. I heard that dandelions can reproduce without fertilization, which makes them pretty much unaffected in case of dwindling numbers of our precious pollinators. It also struck me as coincidence that I was thinking of dandelions the last couple of days: remarkably, I seem to bring up this subject every year around the same time time.

If you think of it: I wonder if these flowers would make perfect test-subjects for monitoring climate change, genetic variation and ‘seed migration’. Driving through rural Nova Scotia, these god-awful flowers seem to be the only wild flower around and they appear to grow no matter what weather or environment.

And I bet, they’re probably not the most favourite snack for cows.

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