Via CBC (article), I found out that Microsoft’s MSN Video relaunched (uh: beta it is). It’s heavily relying on the same company’s Soapbox software (here). And I guess you may just as well go to the official announcement, which is over at the Soapbox blog.

Is Microsoft too late to jump in the Video hosting boat (after Google, Yahoo and even AOL)? To be honest: I’m not so sure. At this moment it looks like Microsoft is aiming at hosting news snippets from a diverse amount of news organizations. Clips like (at this moment) the new discovered planet and Rosie, for the people who don’t watch the news on television. I guess it will work for thousands of people who come home late from and need a quick ‘headline’ ‘snack’. Notably is that this site uses Flash to play movies which I find ironic at least.

Update: Sony to reveal YouTube-like video sharing site in Japan.

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