Back & Subtitles

Yesterday, I found out that the History Channel was showing ‘Das Boot’, which is one of the movies I can watch a multiple times in a year (earlier). Let me guess: in the Summer of 2007, History Channel will repeat this movie as part of their ‘Submarine month’. That said, I start to get pissed off at ‘subtitles’. This is good in a way.

This morning, it also appeared that ‘April Fool’s day’ was full in effect. One of the best ones was this WiiMote, only because I’m still not sure if it is joke or not. It will work ofcourse, but it’s a ridiculous idea. Brilliant. On the other hand ‘GMail paper’ is brilliant too.

Consider this: in another 10 years, only computer users will be celebrating this particular day because it’s easier to prank other people online than it is in real-life.

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