WP 2.1

Right: I did a WP 2.1 update on a test site on one of my servers at home and, looking at all these superlative comments how WP 2.1 is going to change your life, I’m going to say it: I’m underwhelmed. The good news is that AHCommentCentral appears to be working quite OK, and I’ve updated the plug-in’s page accordingly.

  • WordPress 2.1 feels slow and bulkish.
  • The Dashboard page now appears to be loading the ‘WordPress RSS feeds’ after an ‘x’ amount of seconds, which is still not good enough and more or less makes this feature look like a 16-year old programmer’s trick. You either allow people to turn it off or (at least) allow them to set their own intervals.
  • Links is now called ‘Blogroll’.
  • You can now finally manage the individual uploads.
  • Some extra import and export functionality.
  • And some new plug-in development hooks, like for example the pseudo-cron.

That’s it. Nothing to really get excited about.

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