That’s the sound of jet-lag.

I arrived back Clouds above Englandhome a couple of days ago after spending the traditional hours of running up and down stairs at Heathrow airport. There were many security checks, of course, but spending too many minutes unpacking stuff and having officials tell you ‘you’re only allowed one bag’ so frequently; well, it gets tiresome. The other thing was that I was pretty much ‘fully’ loaded, because I decided to bring home one of my guitars. Even Canadian customs officers were surprised about the beauty of my SE 400. Note to Alfons: I didn’t know that the hardcover case had an extra ‘hidden’ compartment, obviously for spare strings and guitar picks. Next time remind me to thoroughly investigate new purchases. An extra note to customs officers: my guitar case was ‘security checked and cleared’ by Dutch authorities, which means that they most likely opened and inspected the case and contents too. But yes, it’s your job to be thorough, and I appreciate that.

So, that leaves me with the note that I was glad to be back home. There are other precious thoughts about my country of birth, the recent ad-hoc meetings and conversations with friends and others, but these thoughts I’ll probably share another day at another time. For the ones that I actually met-up with, or the ones I could not meet for whatever personal reason, once again, have a great and safe 2007.

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