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Via Flea, I found out that Dutch peanut butter is the best, or rather, (as this Wikipedia article says):

[The Dutch peanut butter] is very different from its international counterpart. It is sharp instead of sweet and most people say it has a similar taste to that of Satay sauce.

The only thing I want to add is that, Dutch peanut butter is definitely not sweetened. And that the most popular peanut butter (the one made by Calve [note: you need Flash!]) is definitely not good for use in satay/peanut sauce. Me and my family also have a patent on how to make a sauce out of peanut butter. There’s a trick for that and I’m not going to reveal that. Peanut sauce goes perfect with fresh veggies (see also ‘gado-gado’, Indonesian/Malaysia recipe). Hey, I knew people who put cucumber slices and sambal on their peanut butter sandwiches.

Via the Internationalist something about a food scandal in Hungary, which reminded me (in some way) of our Dutch relatives who visited us the last couple of years. To our surprise, my brother hesitantly ate a triple grade A piece of steak. I’m not sure why. The other shock was to see my dad literally clean out a Nova Scotian lobster1. His (nonchalant) remark (‘Yeah, we had lobster too when we anchored in Halifax, back in the 50s’) took us by surprise too. We also rekindled his love for A&W root beer, a soft-drink he hadn’t had for years either.

Earlier, we managed to get our hands on a box of custard powder of Koopmans. Do not follow the ‘how-to-make-vla’ instructions on the box. It doesn’t work. Try this one instead.

1 I was introduced to lobster for the first time in 2000 or something.

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