A camera strikes

Back in my teenage years, I apparently was able to buy not one but two SLR cameras. My very first one, was an East-German made ‘Praktica’. I bought extra lenses for that one, and as a matter of fact, became the ‘official’ family photographer. That was until I found out that making photos of clouds was more interesting than asking people to pose (or not to pose). Around that time, I decided to treat myself on a new camera, which was a Pentax, I believe.

I mention this while I browse the images shot by Alfons: his FlickR set shows he has an excellent eye for subject and arrangement1, things I thought I mastered when I was a teenager. Additionally, I can’t remember if Alfons ever touched either of my older analog SLRs. Why was that? Maybe I was playing the ‘evil twin’ role back in those days.

That said, I have been asked if I’d pick up photography anytime soon. No, not really: what is more boring than two people who look, talk and laugh alike, take up the same hobby? And that said, I think my twin does an excellent job already.

1 I’m not saying this because he’s my twin brother. Twins hate each other. Really: it’s all about competition, rah, rah, rah.

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3 Responses to A camera strikes

  1. alfons says:

    I like her work generally:
    * The surprise of something unexpected, and capturing it. Cartier-Bresson like.
    * The colours. It tends to the overexposed, white is very white.
    * Slightly tilted framing.

    It’s mostly wide angle, where I’d prefer tele photo; zoom where I’d choose prime (but then, I’m always moving.)

  2. Arthur says:

    You were there too (link), weren’t you? I remember seeing pictures of that demonstration somewhere.

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