Made in Whereverland

Back in the early Eighties, Made in Chinawe used to make jokes about every single electronic product, which always appeared to come with a label ‘Made In Japan’. In the early 90s, production of electronical goods apparantly shifted to Taiwan and Singapore (‘The Asian Tigers’). Nowadays, it looks like everything is made in China: from advanced electronics to delicious butter tarts.

Earlier this year, I looked up the manuals of a laptop and discovered that the accompanying Microsoft Windows XP manual (or rather booklet) was actually printed in China. At that time, this made no sense: what’s the point of ordering booklets to be printed in China and have them flown (shipped) into North America. Wouldn’t that be expensive?

On the other hand, since most laptops are made in China, it probably doesn’t make sense to ship them with booklets made in the US.

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