The Horrors

Yesterday, we watched ‘Contact’ (1997) and ‘Silent Hill’ (2006). Quite the combination to watch on a stormy Fall night.

Contact, starring Jodie Foster, is an adaption of a novel by astronomer Carl Sagan and features good effects and a compelling storyline about the struggle between faith and science (Wikipedia synopsis + trivia).

Silent Hill apparently is an adoption of a horror videogame (I’m joking) and features an almost all-female cast. I hear that many Silent Hill fans were disappointed about how the movie strayed from the games. As someone who hasn’t played any of the Silent Hill games, I was surprised about the movie: it’s actually well-shot (colourful) and has a fairly good storyline for a horror movie (without too much gore). Some ‘monster stuff’ was overdone and probably could have been left out.

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2 Responses to The Horrors

  1. alfons says:

    I went to hear the OCHO X RADIO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Arthur says:

    I went to hear the OCHO X RADIO!!!!!!!!!!

    Was it any good?

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