I don’t specifically remember the first day we (Alfons and I) set foot in a library, but I’m almost certain it was at or around age 8 or 9. The rest is history: there used to be a joke going around that claimed that we (the twins) were practically living in the neighbourhood’s library (which happened to be less than a quarter of an hour bicycle drive from our house).

We both apparently read that much that at a certain age we decided that it was time to start reading books that were meant for older members (age 12 and higher). Talking about being caught red-handed. This was actually an innocent incident: we were after all after readingthick books. Preferably the ones with over 400 pages. I mean, that is supposed to be good. If only librarians thought the same those days. With all respect, mr. and mrs. Librarian: if you see a kid with a 400+ page book, you should obviously let the kid read the book.

Naturally, things got more exciting when we set foot in the Central library of the city: 4 floors full of books and plenty of staircases, nooks and corners with chairs, tables and above all, books. That said, I always thought that the science books were well-placed: it was literally above the center part of the library, which meant that you could hang around and watch people come in and walk by. Naturally, around that section was also were we picked up our first computer books.

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