Who slams who?

This article (“The Web is broken and it’s all your fault”) popped up on the Postgres-general list and then made it into Slashdot as ‘Postgres slammed by PHP creator’.

The Slashdot thread highlights some interesting PHP flaws and the fact that PHP is a bad language to learn programming in (‘Code is Poetry’), by many compared to Visual Basic, the other awful language misused by people who think that programming is designing screens. You haven’t heard about multithreading yet?

That said, it’s interesting to see the programmer of PHP duke it out with the Slashdot crowd: obviously he was misquoted in the earlier linked-to article.

I don’t think this is news to anybody that MySQL is quicker at connecting and issueing simple queries, and I am not sure why me showing some Callgrind profiles and stating that MySQL is particular good at these things is frontpage slashdot material. Slow day?

Exactly that: For small things, MySQL does good. Need scalability? Obviously, you would choose Postgres.