Let the music play (1983)

I wasShannon going to add a bunch of other entries to the ‘Past the Bridge’ category, but decided to postpone anything after I discovered Shannon’s ‘Let the music play’ video at YouTube. If you feel so obliged, a sample can be found right here (600K, 40s).

There’s not much I can add to Wikipedia’s entry on Shannon (and particularly that song): That particular entry smells like it took some text from an older NYT article. Yes, I remember it was a big hit and yes, the song was pretty popular with breakers. I keep wondering though, if she was in ‘Beat street’, that campy Eighties movie about rap and that. I’m also unsure if she’s still around, since searching our overlord ‘Google’ only returns pointers to the predictable CD resellers. Yes, I noticed she was also on ‘Hit me baby one more time’, a show where ‘one time hit stars’ duke it out against other ‘one time hit stars’. That doesn’t sound like a fun concept but, surprisingly the following reviewer was most likely too young to remember the singer:

She did her hit “Let the Music Play.” I have never heard this song, which means a lot considering I am a music expert.

Right, you’re not a music expert. But then, so once in a while, 1983 sounds like the Stone Age to me too.

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