Food for thought

A week ago, I made ‘boerenkool’. I discussed Boerenkool a long while ago too, when a prepared the same meal for our guest from Holland. My wife actually wanted me to make it since it was that long ago, so she bought locally grown kale. Imagine this: the last time I had kale was Christmas of 2003. Texas kale that was nonetheless.

I have no problems peeling onions. I actually like onions raw. Wait, let me restate that: I can eat onions like people eat apples. This is half as weird as people eating raw potatoes. Talking about raw stuff, raw leeks go perfectly fine with peanut sauce.

But to stick with the topic: a couple of years ago when I was returning home, my (dying) mother specifically requested to have an Indonesian meal (in this case it was ‘Sambal Goreng’) prepared, which was a task it was decided I was going to take up. Upon peeling the onions, I remember the tears welling up. My twin-half hurled a sardonic sneer at me about onions, peeling and that. It is that at that time it appeared to me that European onions have been genetically engineered to make foreigners cry so that genuine Europeans can make fun of them.

Ergo: Europeans are evil.

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