Once Civ 4 Direct IP game versus Alfonsagain, I missed the World Cup Soccer games: England vs. Paraguay(1-0), Argentina vs. Ivorycoast 2-1 and Trinidad vs. Sweden 0-0. Early this morning I found out that my TSN channel wasn’t in my cable package anymore, something I reported about way earlier, I think. The good news is that ABC seems to cover the games (what? ABC?). Good. I’ll turn my TV on tomorrow at noon 1 2.

The main reason of not being able to watch was soccer, was because I decided to play an online game of Civ 4 against the other half of the twin. Obviously, as the older part of the two, I decided to let Alfons win this game.

1 And, I should wear my Orange jersey, I guess.
2 Well, there you have it: the ABC only starts broadcasting at 12:00 ADT, which means that there’s no game, not anywhere on my 30 channels. Something more cheery: The Discovery channel has a rerun of ‘How William Shatner changed the world’ at 11.

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3 Responses to Eood

  1. alfons says:

    I’ll just stream it to you…

  2. Arthur says:

    William Shatner is fun too, though

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