International Cuisine

The words ‘International Cuisine’ remind me of a couple of things:

  • If ‘American Cuisine’ is hamburger with french fries, ‘International Cuisine’ is that dish you get shoved in front of your face that features not one but two green beans, 1 tiny (boiled) patato and a couple of millimetered strips of meat. While I’m a great fan of presentation, thinking only of your restaurant’s bottomline is a culinary sin.
  • ‘International Cuisine’ reminds me of that restaurant where a specific meal you ordered took three days to make. No, make that: to eat a specific meal, you had to order it three days in advance. Almost Monty Python-like.
  • The waitress is ‘dilly-dalling’ around and ends up bringing (either) a cold or overdone steak, which leaves you wonder what the waitress was ‘dilly-dalling’ about. Oh: and the dessert, it came straight from the freezer. You know that, because you notice crystalized water in the cream or pie.

Oh. And mind the coffee: there’s a Horton’s around the corner anyways.

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